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Common Queries

You Asked, We Answered

Why would you want to convert your old car or truck to disk brakes?

We get this question often. Off the top of our heads, we put together the below, on why you may want to go to disk brakes.

  •          Ease of maintenance

  •          Better access to parts

  •          Better braking

  •          Weight savings in some instances well over 14 pounds

  •          Better heat dissipation

  •          A lot less (good resistance) to brake fade under severe use

  •          Works when wet

  •          Sometimes the old drum parts are made from the rare earth material un-obtanium

Of course, the above is not all of the reasons but some of the top benefits. As we increase under the hood ponies, big tires etc. sometimes the old stuff just isn’t enough.

Our kits work good with the stock brake systems. Master cylinder, proportion / distribution valve. This is of course cars and trucks built after 1967. Why, 1967? The brake master cylinder for safety reasons alone needs to be a dual reservoir type.

ABS system working properly, do not need anything done to them.

We sell kits for earlier cars and trucks, but you will need to change over your master cylinder.

Installation Questions:

Here are some of the top ones:

  •          Can I do this in my driveway or in my garage? YES, does this mean it's for everyone NO. You must know your skill set. Most aftermarket conversion require you to cut and re-flair your current hard brake line, including ours. Our kits are bolt on.

  •          Do I have to weld the brackets on? NO, however there are two tabs (standard with our kits) that need to be welded to the axle housing. This is the connection point between the provided flex line and the hard line. Other then that our kits bolt on


  •          How long will this take to install? Depends on your skill set. I tell people plan on a weekend. We have done some in a day and others, well... they put up a fight and it takes a little longer.


  •          What about my wheels? our kits work with 15” or larger disk brake style wheels. Generally, if you have disk brakes on the front, chances are this will work.



Rustic Disk Brakes is not responsible for any damage during use of this product.

Do you sell just the brackets and hardware from the disc brake conversion kits?

On our front kits, we do not separate the kit. On our rear kits, you can select brackets and rotors but we do not sell brackets by themselves.

Can I get replacement brake pads, rotors and calipers from the store?

You can get replacement brake pads from most auto stores. You can also get replacement calipers from some auto stores as well. Our Rotors however are machined/modified rotors that are not available in stores. We do sell replacement rotors in pairs if needed. 

What are the Rotors that come with your kits?

Our Rotors are machined/modified rotors that are not available in stores. We do sell replacement rotors in pairs if needed.

With the rear disc conversion kit, are there any additional parts or work required? Do the kits work with factory e-brake cables?

Our kits will work with the stock system. It is as bolt on as we can make it.  With that being said there are two 1/8" thick tabs that need to be welded to the axle housing. That's the connection point between our provided flex line and your modified or new hard line. We include two park brake cable housing extensions. These push the stock cable off the calipers so you can use them. They are 4" long and can be cut down if needed.

Often we get asked about the master cylinder.

Do I need to change my Master Cylinder and proportioning valve?

Answer is a little complicated. On cars & trucks with an ABS system (Anti-lock Brake System) NO, you do not if the ABS system is working properly. The ABS module does a good job at equalizing the brake system.

You have a car or truck PRE-ABS. We highly recommend changing the master cylinder and proportioning valve for units set up for disc/disc brake systems. Here is the reason why.

The master cylinder for disc/disc has two large reservoirs for retaining the brake fluid. The pistons on disc brake calipers are generally very large, and as the pads wear the piston in the caliper does not travel back as far, the fluid level in the master cylinder will gradually get lower. You’re not losing fluid, it just has more area to travel in as the pads wear.

Manufacturers made disc/disc master cylinders with larger or equal in size reservoirs to accommodate pad wear, still stop the car or truck or the risk of sucking air into the brake system as the pads wear.

Drum brake wheel cylinders are generally small in diameter, and the drum brake shoes are pulled off the drum using return springs. Thus pushing the brake fluid back into the lines and master cylinder NO matter what the wear is on the shoes. 

If you want to go with the best set up, you cannot go wrong with hydra boost. Below is a link to a company that does these reasonably.

What are the payment options?

We accept credit card payments from all major credit card companies, including Visa, Master Card, Discover, and American Express. We also accept international wire transfers, email us for more info. 

What is your return policy?

ALL SALES ARE FINAL AFTER 30 DAYS. Products may be returned and must be unused, original condition with original packaging. No specially ordered products can be returned without contacting.

All product returns/exchanges sent to Rustic Disk Brakes require a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (RMA#) which must appear on the products returned.

To obtain an RMA# please contact us. Any product returned to Rustic Disk Brakes without an RMA# may be refused and will not receive proper credit. Rustic Disk Brakes assumes no responsibility for unauthorized returns. Product returns for reasons other than defects must be returned freight prepaid and are subject to a 25% restocking fee. Collect shipments will be refused.

Do you offer gift cards?

Not at this time.

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