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Photos shown are a representation of the appearance of components in a kit with options.

Actual product & finish may vary for your application.

8 & 9" Ford Car Rear Disc Brake Kit

8 & 9" Ford Car Rear Disc Brake Kit



Our Standard Kit Does Both Sides of the Axle, and Includes:

  • Brackets, grade 8 mounting hardware, and 11 1/4" vented rotors.


Kits With Calipers Does Both Sides of the Axle, they include the above

  • Kits that are ordered with the parking brake style calipers also include the flexible stainless steel brake lines, and cable housing extension tubes.
  • Kits with non-parking brake calipers come with flexible stainless steel brake lines.


Kit Options Allow You to Upgrade Your Kit to Include:

  • Calipers with Pads in Raw or Powder Coated Finish
  • Black Powder, Red Powder coated brackets.
  • Performance Dimpled and Slotted Rotors


Disc/ Disc Applications.

  • IF you have ABS you shouldn’t need to do anything else providing the ABS system is working properly.
  • Applications PRE-ABS running Disc/Disc brakes. The kit works with the stock master cylinders, if you are wanting a better pedal feel; the master cylinder needs to be changed out for a master cylinder made for disc/disc applications.
  • We sell these master cylinders please see the link on this page.

Ford Brake Boosters | Rustic Disc Brakes


  • To verify you are ordering the correct kit, measure your drum backing plate bolt hole spacing center to center on either your spindle/axle housing flange and compare to our spacing diagram.
  • Only fits 5 x 4 1/2" Wheel Lug Pattern
  • Fits small bearing, large bearing, and large bearing style 2.  Fits most 15 Inch and Larger Disc Brake (not drum) Style Wheels. 
  • With most 35 spline axle shafts, Our bracket will need to be placed on the axle before pressing the bearing on.​ ​ ​
  • When converting from drum to disk. You will need to cut and re-flair your existing hard brake line or bend new ones. These are not supplied.
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